There is a scripture in the book of Matthew, which talks about what it means to be on your last leg, trailing along this journey of life just praying that you make it, and it goes a little something like below:

“You are blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.” Matthew 5:3

The scripture explains that, although things seem bleak in the dark position that you’re in, that’s when God moves. That is God’s opportunity to show you who HE is.

There is also a saying by Joel Osteen which I really like, because if you believe it’s true, there is power.

We’re not fighting for victory, we’re fighting from victory.” Joel Osteen

Moving on, yes – it’s true that not all storms are in the forecast. In life there are going to be setbacks, you will stumble, you will fall.

Circumstances will take over, people will mistreat you, you may fall short of your goals and dreams – repeatedly.

In times like these, it may not feel like it, and you certainly won’t be able to see it with clarity, but you really are being transformed into something greater.

Keep the right attitude, and press on. Greater things are coming.

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