It’s 6.31pm on a Saturday. Today I haven’t been feeling very motivated to do anything, but I got what needed to be done done anyway – because that’s how we do things.

Moving on it’s safe to say we would never have predicted how this year would have gone. For some of us the virus has taken our loved ones and our job security, for others it’s affected our mental health.

In spite of this it’s important we look to the new year with hope and reflect on what went well, what could have been done better, and what we are going to do about it.

Although Coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, a new year still represents change.

That change can be made whether you believe it or not. I’m talking to you on the couch wanting to lose weight, wanting to be more sociable, wanting to boost your love life, wanting to work on your faith. It is doable. If you would only commit and say no to everything that’s holding you back.

First and foremost, ready for the new year, you need to get organised.

You can’t sit around thinking all of your dreams and goals are going to come to you, and they definitely won’t if you’re not organised. Things take time, patience really is a virtue. So hang in there and keep pushing. You’re going to make it. Just trust in the process.

There is nothing wrong with a new years resolution, as long as you stick to it. Personally, I prefer to write down a list of goals and start early, to get that momentum going before the new year actually hits. But, it’s whatever works for you.

That’s all for tonight, I hope I’ve helped highlight some things for you to think about regarding this 2020.


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