Climbing into nothing and you say less

Touring every chasm in my thoughts I used to have her on my bare chest

It’s now a game of fair chess

Recreational sex pause to take breath

Its a vision for the end I couldn’t try to take offence

Its a ditch I dug myself you gotta help me out of hells tent

The wind is so plush, but if you’re not, one of us

You’ll find its sweeping you away

Like the dust was in my face, I couldn’t trust a soul, rather leave it all and take a fall

Shit be so vicious

Better focus theres no hope in this game, its so malicious

Take your scope out of aim, you’ll see clearer

‘Cuz’ I couldn’t see nearer got the wrong frame

The spec in my eye the size of what I’ve analysed in my pain

Take a tour here, would have you going insane

Lyrics written by me.

Chris ✌🏽 Instagram

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