Have you ever found yourself looking back, reminiscing on seemingly easier times, harder times and times you still don’t understand to this day?

I have. And, to be honest? It’s quite daunting. I’ve always thought ‘never look back’, whilst at the same time held the belief that we need to know where we’ve come from in order to know where we’re going’.

So, is it essential that we look back on past experiences, good and bad, to know where we’re going?

I think to a degree; yes, but it’s important that we don’t get hung up on the bad – because it’s true that you can only do what you’re capable of at the time, so what’s the point looking back? Besides it’s gone, right? It’s never coming back.

In spite of this reasoning, I have had to try many different coping mechanisms with this concept because simply dubbing it as ‘this is the past and it’s gone so nevermind’ didn’t help. Besides, I’m a perfectionist by nature. So there’s that.

One saying that’s helping me at the moment however, is an excerpt from Karen Hawkins’ book, ‘The Book Charmer’ and it goes like this:

When it’s a memory, you already know the outcome, so we believe it was an easier time. Looking forward is much more uncertain, and so feels more complicated. But I don’t think it is. Not really.

I hope this helps.

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