Money fluent, tryna get the right deal, peddling like bike steal
Marching on to make meal, crunch it like a meal deal
Low fade no peel, orange but I’m so teal
Shades are like blades my wave is a cascade

Couldn’t be backdated the future is my age
Holding my breath all of my enemies represent
Frenemies were a test we’re stepping into the depth it’s
Hot in here like memphis, cool it like a dentist

Storming into something great, back then we would levitate, now we roll like number 8, pottin till we drop
Taste the hot dog we put the crabs in the pot
Surfing non stop tryna find whats what

The hotspot could have had me in the top spot and
My top shot was a 3 pointer I got it gone boilers
Evaporation the cation the steam rising
When your bellys full still gotta get the whole pie in

Lyrics written by me.

Chris ✌🏽 Instagram

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