Do you believe in ‘energy’?

I’ve never had much belief in “energy”. Maybe when I was younger, but somewhere along the road I lost that belief system entirely. I almost grew to resent it as it seemed there was a whole ‘energy culture’ going on – and I couldn’t relate.

So, what is ‘energy?’

“Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.”

Side note: Here we mainly refer to mental activity rather than physical activity.

Moving on, people would often tell me things along the lines of :

  • “I don’t like your ‘energy’”
  • “I’m liking that energy”
  • “Can you feel the energy in here”

And it would genuinely confuse me. But interestingly, my perspective has changed since those days of confusion.

And here is what I mean…

When you’re at such a low point, mentally, do you think you are thinking about ‘energy’? Definitely not. When things are really bad, all you want to see is results in the flesh, a warm bed, a glimpse of hope, maybe even just company – for the sake of it.

How I got out of that mental rut was simple. Although, at the time it seemed a mean feat. What I did was surround myself with the most positive people I could find, which, in turn, forced me to change – mentally, and eventually physically.

Now, if you mention energy, I can definitely feel it, that numbness isn’t there, and that is genuine healing. So when you ask me if I’m feeling the energy in here, I’ll tell you – I am.

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