It’s a hard pill to swallow, but in some aspects, it’s true. Especially when it comes to you making progress.

A good evening run.

No one wants to tell you you’re fat, you need to lose weight – at least when you’re starting to gain weight. No one wants to tell you you’re missing that final ingredient to ace that exam. Why? Because it’s up to you.

If you wait around for people to tell you what to do, will anything get done? Will anything change? Probably not. It’s the same principle.

You are responsible for your own progress, and people on the outside are responsible for theirs.

When I first started running, I knew I was overweight. I also knew that people weren’t going to tell me I was overweight, they just wouldn’t – and, at first it annoyed me. There were times I would ask myself, looking back, why didn’t people close to me tell me the obvious?

It’s a slightly scary thought, but in hindsight, it’s unfair to blame others for what is my responsibility anyway, so I left the thought entirely.

The point is, you are responsible for where you are right now this very second. It’s a result of the choices you have made, so let’s choose to make the right ones.

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