In this Coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to lose focus, go off track, and lose sight of your goals. This is especially true if you had gained a momentum with your work prior to the lockdown – I know I did.

But not to worry, this isn’t the end of your story. If you had built a momentum, instead of thinking how you can get back into the rhythm of doing the same thing, think, how can I evolve?

In other words, how can I take things to the next level?

What better time is there than now to make that jump? Many of us really have nothing to lose, and if you’re afraid of change then maybe progress just isn’t for you, because the name of the game is adapt and overcome.

White Admiral Caterpillar

Take the White Admiral Caterpillar for example, in order to survive amongst their bird predators, they change their colour to resemble bird droppings.

What changes are you willing to make to survive? Let’s make it happen.

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