One of my fastest 5k times, still chasing that sub-20 mark.

Whether or not you’ve followed my running journey, you may not know how it started…

I still remember, I was sat in my room; I had just argued with a girl I was seeing, I had just failed a crucial professional exam, and to top it off I genuinely didn’t know what direction my life was heading in – I feared I was about to lose my job at the time.

I was just browsing on youtube, it was innocent really. Until I came across a show called ‘Impact theory’ – a show in which various speakers come to say their inspirational piece and leave.

If you know me, I’m very pessimistic when it comes to these things so I scrolled taking each with a pinch of salt – until one in particular caught my eye. His name was David Goggins, and he claimed to have run 205miles at one time.

I still remember shouting, telling my friend “come over and see this sh*t!”

He said, “No way”, he didn’t believe it either.

But as time went by, I dug deeper and deeper, watching this inspirational man’s interviews, reading his incredible book called ‘can’t hurt me’, and finally saying to myself…

If this man can run on broken legs, then what’s my excuse?

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