Excuse the book condition, I love it really.

It’s not every day I write a book review. So when I do, you know it’s serious.

There are some books where there is just something about them. You pick them up and you can’t put them down. This book is unique in that not only could I not put it down… to this day I still use it for reference, to up my game, to remember the rules and to stay on top.

The book almost has it’s own ‘vibe’. It’s almost alive telling you to think outside the box, to jump out of that comfort zone – every time I have a peek inside, I end up feeling that much more alive.

The methods in this book are so practical and made so simple that anyone can learn from it. Each chapter is like a ladder taking you from a recluse all the way up to a confident, ambitious force to be reckoned with – the main reason why I love it.

My personal favourite chapter is ‘how to think right towards people’. This has helped me so many times as there was a time in my life where conflict was as common as oxygen. Thinking right towards people really is the way forward and I’d highly recommend everyone to pay attention to that chapter.

Just so you know how well laid out this book is, I’ll list the contents below, because simply reading this can excite you and get you started.

  1. Believe you can succeed and you will
  2. Cure yourself of excusitis, the failure disease
  3. Build confidence and destroy fear
  4. How to think big
  5. How to think and dream creatively
  6. You are what you think you are
  7. Manage your environment: go first class
  8. Make your attitudes your allies
  9. Think right toward people
  10. Get the action habit
  11. How to turn defeat into victory
  12. Use goals to help you grow
  13. How to think like a leader

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