If you’re like me, you’ve needed guidance your whole life. I grew up with a single mum and the majority of my time is spent searching out mentors to teach me the invaluable lessons in life.

This would range from mentors for dealing with fundamental decision making (for example what courses to study) to mentors for dealing with women – because there was no one to teach me this – and that’s just being honest.

Why would you go looking for mentors? Can’t you just read books or visit professionals? Where do you find your mentors?

  • My only answer to this lies in my own personal definition of a “mentor”, and that is, someone who can provide you with invaluable advice – based on years of experience – with the privilege of a certain honesty that you won’t find in an office or from a family member. Nothing but the honest truth.
  • Call me crazy, but, my mentors are all around me. They’re in the movies, they’re in the novels, they’re on the bus and they’re in the queue. The trick is to always be conscious of what’s going on around you, but not just on the surface level. There’s a lesson to be learned from the man in the queue arguing with the till lady. There’s a lesson to be learned from that family tragically falling apart in that novel. There’s a lesson to be learned from the poor man on the bus working his soul away at his 9-5. This is how we need to be thinking.

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