As I write the very first post of my ‘blog’, a lot of things come to mind. What will people think of it? What if no one bothers to read what I have to say? What if I gain no traction?

The truth is, when I focus less on what people think, and more on the task at hand, things usually turn out OK. In fact, if I look through all of the posts I’ve made on instagram, I can’t recall one post for which I took time out to panic about what people think. What I did do was ask one or two people for advice – which, turned out to be invaluable.

Why do this? Why blog publicly?

  • It provides a context to my journey – which may be helpful to others like me who may sometimes be lacking motivation, resilience, and facing mental and physical health challenges. This blog is an honest narrative of my journey and is helping me face and conquer everyday challenges.
  • You may wish to join me in this journey to remain positive, focused and healthy.

To cut this rant short, I’m going to be blogging about everything mental health, lifestyle and fitness. As I learn things I may document them here, and this will be the backbone of my journey where the nitty gritty is recorded, down to the very last ‘rep’.

Chris ✌🏽 Instagram

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