It’s a typical Sunday evening. If I’m honest I don’t want to write right now – but, I was brought up on the saying “anything worth doing is worth doing well”, so here goes.

It’s the Covid-19 era right now. Everyone’s stuck inside waiting for the madness to be over. Businesses are going bust, people are being made redundant, not to mention we have to wear these awful safety masks.

I’ve just gotten off the phone with one of my close friends.

We spoke on all things progress from the ground up – aiming straight from the jackpot, obviously. We have another call scheduled in for Tuesday. What have you got scheduled in this week? What moves are you making?

One thing I’ve come to notice in my life is, I have always had a close knit circle of friends – but not just friends, partners in progress I call them. This method of making progress with others dates back to secondary school – we called ourselves the ‘A-Star Boys’.

We would make music together, visit girls we liked together, and explore the city together. Although the ‘A-Star Boys’ is no more. The experience no doubt transformed us for the better. Win-win situations are the way forward, so get out there and network your way to lasting change and transformation.

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